Pastor’s Corner

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! (To all members, friends, and volunteers)

Dear members and friends of MUMC,

It’s hard to believe that a year already passed since I came to Manahawkin.  It flew right by me!

As I write this article, my heart is overflowing with gratitude to God first for His grace and mercy and to you next for your kindness.  A year ago, in His everlasting plan and purpose, God sent me and my family here and you welcomed us with grace and love.  I am forever grateful.

As I look back, a lot of things happened since then.  Some changes took place on our staff (new secretary, new youth group directors).  The parsonage kitchen was renovated.  New programs and services were added (Blessing of children/ Advent Dinner/ Youth Summer Workcamp/ Lenten Challenge/ Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services).  25 enthusiastic new members joined.   15 baptisms were administered (one adult and 14 infants).  A new stewardship program was introduced with a great success: giving is up and we caught up with our Shared Ministry giving to the Conference (a.k.a. ‘apportionments’).  Confirmation class was held.  Youth workcamp is coming up in July…

Whew!   I feel like I was in a whirlwind of change and excitement.  It has been the most productive year in my 24 years of ministry.   I realize, though, it’s not a time for me to sit back and enjoy.  It is rather a time for evaluation and re-focus.  It is also a time to remember partners in ministry—those who have worked hard together with me for God’s Kingdom.  That’s why I am writing this article: to express my gratitude and heart-felt thanks for your prayers, support, and participation.  Without you, all these good things would not have happened.   I look forward to working with you.

By the way, I have already started praying for our next steps.  What should we focus on for the next five years?  What does the Lord want us to do in the coming years?  Soon, I will invite you to Ministry Table where we will have a 3 HT session–Heads, Hearts, and Hands Together-session.   Start asking the Lord about the directions He wants us to go in and about the needs in our communities and how we as the body of Christ can serve them in the name of Jesus our Lord.

See you at church.