Pastor’s Corner

Fall is just around the corner! It is hard to believe that summer is almost gone! Well, it is Back to School time. It is also Back to Church time. We have another great year ahead of us! As pastor, I am very happy to report that the Men’s Group was officially launched in August with John Hague’s leadership (Thanks, John!). So far, they have had two breakfasts (eating is very important to Methodists, especially to men—- myself included) and the group is up and running already! They did a fantastic job hosting the picnic for Teen Challenge on August 24. Praise the Lord! I also would like to give you a little heads up on what’s coming in the next few months. Mark down the dates and be there!

September 7.

At the 11 a.m. service, we will be doing the blessing of children by parents. This is very special to me personally as I invite the parents to bless their children in the name of the Lord. Parents, do not miss this great opportunity! Along with the blessing that Sunday, I plan to do the experiment of “Sink or Float” once again for the children. Come and check out yourself (even though I did it last year, I still can’t predict if some of the vegetables will float or sink. For instance, will a potato float or sink? What about a sweet potato?). Come and see!

September 21/28 and October 12.

New membership classes will be offered to those who would like to join our church as official members. Attend the class on either September 21 or 28 at 9:45 a.m. in the large Classroom, and you will be received into the congregation on Sunday, October 12, at both services. On September 21, at the 11 a.m. service, there will be a baptism of Jemma Corselli as well.

November 4

At 7 p.m. is our Church Conference (it used be Charge Conference, but nowadays it is Church Conference) where every official member of MUMC is invited to come and celebrate God’s ministry among us. This year it will be conducted by our new District Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Gina Hendrickson. Please come and welcome her with enthusiasm and love!

Finally, an update on the Ministry Table. As I wrote in my last article (July/August 2014), I have been asking God to guide us into the direction that we ought to go in the next few years. I also invited you to join me in prayer for the following questions: What does the Lord want us to do in the coming years? What should we focus on for the next five years? In August, we had a good start with Staff Parish Relations Committee. They proposed to focus on three things as our priorities: Reach out to the young families in the area. Engage the congregation in hands-on ministry and mission trips. Lastly, continue our financial stability including paying 100% of our Shared Ministry Giving to the Conference. Please join me in our continuous efforts to identify the needs in our communities and how we as the body of Christ can serve people in the name of Jesus our Lord.

See you in prayer.

I am your partner in ministry,