Pastor’s Corner

Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you? Psalm 85:6 (NIV)

I just came home after preaching to a congregation about revival. Although it was exhausting physically and emotionally, it was an uplifting experience both for the church and me. I thanked God for using me as a preacher for His Word.

When Rev. Shim at Harvey Memorial UMC invited me to lead a revival meeting there, I immediately answered, “YES!” I didn’t even think about it twice; not because I was an expert on this topic, neither have I lots of experiences of revival meetings, but because I just wanted to be a part of revival that would renew me, that would bring fresh air into my relationships with family, that would revive our churches and communities.

I would like to share with you what I have spoken about there with a prayer that you too would be blessed with it.

On the first night, I preached on three things that are essential in our walk with God. Without them, our life as a believer would be boring and lethargic. First, take God’s Word seriously. Jesus says that we cannot live on by bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4). Do you live on God’s Word every day for your soul? Remember that without it your soul starves. Next, cry unto God in prayer and God will answer you and show you great things (Jeremiah 33:3). When was the last time you and God had a serious conversation in your room? Third, have no idols before God. Put Him first.

On the second day, I spoke about three things that would revolutionize our walk in God if we put them into practice. First, tithes (10% of your income to the Lord). Tithing is not about money but it is about trust in the Lord. It is an act of declaration that God is our financial security not our savings in the bank. Next, forgiveness. Forgive all those who harmed you in the name of Jesus. Why? If you don’t, your sins will not be forgiven (Matthew 6:15) and you won’t get into Heaven. Never heard about it before? Here’s why: because if you don’t forgive, your sins remain not forgiven, then they will block your entrance to Heaven where no sins are allowed. Third, thankfulness. I have spoken about this five times already this year at church, so you don’t need another reminder. Just remember that attitude of gratitude makes your life much easier before God and people. It is good for your spirit, soul, and even body.

As our two big Holidays are coming fast, may God richly bless you and your family. Remember healthy church begins with healthy you.

See you at church!


For Hospital Visits

-Operations: If you wish to have me pray for you before your operations in person, please let me know the following:

1) In advance
-Unless it is an emergency, let me know in advance, because most of the time my schedule is already filled.

2) Date and time of operation

3) Place of operation

4) Duration of your stay after the operation
-Coordinating visits for same day surgeries is difficult. If I am not able to come, I will make a follow up call to you after the operation.

5) Clear indication of your wish for me to be there
-Do not assume that I will somehow find out your wishes through someone else.

For House/Nursing Home Visits
-I will do them upon request.

Contact Information:
-If possible, talk to me in person. If that is not possible, the best way to contact me is through email ( or phone call at my home at 609-597-7107, as I am not always in the church office.

My decision to visit patients in person at the hospital or operating room is made day by day, based on my schedule and the degree of urgency. Understand that there are over three hundred members whom I minister to. Therefore, I simply cannot satisfy everyone’s needs and wishes at all times. I will do my best to be there for you. In case I am unable to pray for you in person, I will follow up with phone calls or cards.

Thank you,
-Rev. Kyewoon Choi