Scholarship Program

MUMC Scholarship Program On behalf of the Scholarship Committee, may thanks to all who contributed to the Emily Eismann Memorial Scholarship Fund: U.M. Men’s Club, U.M. Women, U.M. Adult Fellowship, U.M. Youth Group, the Edward W. Jones Estate, Sharon Hood Music Studio, … Continue reading

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Sunday School News

MARISSA BARRY SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT Our 2017-2018 Sunday School year has come to a close. Once again, our children have shown their enthusiasm to learn the teachings of the Bible, books of the Bible, and practicing what it means to live … Continue reading

Youth Ministry

    The Youth Group had a great year. As we come to an end, we would like to review all the of the fun events that we have had.     September- Welcomed everyone back October- Made Apple Baked Goods for our … Continue reading

Manahawkin Methodist Preschool

Lisa Mower Director   Our school year will be ending shortly but there are many exciting things still to come. We will have a visit from Hopscotch (the bunny) from Meridian Health to teach us the importance of exercising to … Continue reading

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