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We miss all our children and their families from the Sunday School! Being apart has certainly not been easy, but we are doing our best to stay connected to one another! Normally, we would share past and upcoming events and provide updates on all the fun things we have been doing. However, we decided to switch it up this time, and reflect on the kids themselves, and what they have been doing since we have been apart! It goes without saying that we have the most thoughtful, caring, loving and AMAZING kids in our program, but when we heard what some of them have been up to, we couldn’t help but to burst with pride!

So, we’d like to share what a few of our students have been doing over the past few weeks!

Alexa and Brenna Seubert have been staying connected to family by making signs and having a window Birthday celebration for their Aunt who is in Tallwoods Care Center!



  • Jared and Lucas Files have reached out to residents and staff at Mystic Meadows Nursing Home by sending them pictures and fun messages of support!






  • Kyle Prusik made origami crafts for ALL 110 residents at the Mystic Meadows Nursing Home!
  • It took him 12 hours!













And these are only a few of the incredible things our kids have been doing to help others and to stay connected. We are so proud of all of our Sunday School children and how they continue to make people smile and bring joy into the lives of others. They are all shining of examples of God’s Love! Stay tuned as we continue to share other stories and examples of what the kids have been up to!

Hello again to our families!

Every few months, I make submissions to the Newsletter of our church called “The Crossword”, which normally includes all the fun and exciting things we are doing in Sunday School or other important information.

For our latest publication, I’d like to ask you to please share with me anything you may want to include which your child(ren) may have done or are working on since we have been apart!

It could be as simple as them reading the Bible or doing Bible Study, watching the sermons online or reading a Bible story, saying their prayers or even lending a hand around the house. It could be that they have sent a letter to a nursing home or made something to say “thank you” to those on the front lines. It could be that they wrote a letter to a friend or a loved one whom they haven’t see in a while to simply say “hello” and stay connected. The list goes on…

If you could send it to me over the next day or two, then we will be able to get it in for the next publication. I apologize for the short notice, and if it doesn’t make it into this publication, we will certainly put it into the next one!

Thank you all and keep sharing away! I’d love to hear from all of you and send out a slide show of our own so that we can continue to feel connected while we must remain apart. I miss all your smiling faces! Sending love and hugs to you all!

Normally, events of May and June would be attached, but due to the situation, all I would say is “All meetings are suspended due to the Covid-19 lockdown until further notice.”

God Bless,

Marissa Barry




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