Quilters Fellowship – Wednesdays


Are you looking for a fun service project
with others? The Quilters are looking for
more help on Wednesdays from 9:30 to
2:30 or any combination of time between.
If you can make a needle and thread go up and down to
make a small running stitch, then you can quilt.

We get our quilts from people in the area who hear that
we “hand quilt.” They are charged by the size and the
amount of patterning done on the quilt. Our money goes
to help fund church projects or charities that we all agree
are valuable.

Please bring a needle, scissors, and thimble if you use
one. Also we eat a bag lunch at noon so bring a mug for
hot tea if you desire. Several people come to eat lunch
with us and if that is all you can do, please feel free to

Hope to see you soon!
The Quilters


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