Staff Parish Relations Commitee

Hello everyone,

Since taking over as Chair of the SPRC a lot of things have happened and are also going to happen.

Back in June, I had to make a farewell speech, saying goodbye to Kelly Steinberg as Director of Preschool. Kelly had to leave us and has taken on a new job. Kelly has transformed our preschool into something we can all be proud of. We will surely miss her and thank her for all she has done in the past seven years. We wish Kelly all the best. As the saying goes when one door closes another one opens. This holds true.  On June 21st the SPRC started accepting and reviewing applications for the position of Pre School Director and started the interviewing process. We were very fortunate in having four people apply for the position. One application was from Lisa Mower; Lisa had been a teacher here at our Preschool for the past six years.  With all her experience as a teacher and having all the necessary qualifications needed to be our Director, we felt she was the best fit for the job.  The SPRC took a vote and Lisa was hired. She started working on July 1st in preparation of the new school year. We wish Lisa the best of luck in her new position and look forward in seeing her new direction for our Preschool.

In July, I spoke with Natasha Lansbury who was our Nursery/Child Care Aide; she had told me because of conflicting schedules at her full time job, she would no longer be able to work at our church on Sundays. Natasha has been working here for at least six years, ever since she was in high school.  Thank you, Natasha, for all the time you spent taking good care of the children.  Once again one door closed and another opened. Lori Nielsen’s daughter Lori was interested in filling the position so the SPRC held a short meeting after the 1st service and we interviewed Lori and hired her. We know she’ll do a great job because she loves children. Welcome Lori and good luck in your new job.

The SPRC met in August to go over the evaluation and job performance reviews of all paid employees of the church. This happens once a year and this information is submitted to the Finance Committee, Church Council and at the Church Conference Meeting for approval. This process is done each year for the following year’s budget.

The SPRC is just one of the many important committee’s of our church. I want to thank the SPRC for all their hard work in the interviewing process and in everything they do. I’d like to compare this saying with our church. “It takes a whole tribe to raise a child”.  This holds true with our church. It takes many members to keep our church growing.  I’d like to thank all the committee’s in our church for everything they do.  That’s all for now, if anything changes I will inform everyone.

Thank You,
Bob Molinaro
SPRC Chairperson


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