AtlantiCare Heart Heroes AED Matching Funds Program

A partnership to place automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in our community. The ARMC Heart Heroes is a volunteer group that raises funds for The Heart Institute at ARMC through the AtlantiCare Foundation.

$700.00 Grant:
Organizations requesting an AED upon approval of matching funds must:

  • Notify local Emergency Medical Services office that it holds an AED
  • Have a licensed physician or medical authority provide medical oversight to ensure quality control
  • Have personnel responsible for using the AED certified in CPR and use of an AED
  • Conduct programs or services for the public where there is potential for
    emergency response to a heart attack .

Thanks to the generosity of MUMC members, we qualified for a grant and now have and AED installed in the Sanctuary,

Stay tuned we want to
get another one

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