Manahawkin Methodist Preschool

Lisa Mower

We had a special visitor to MMP this spring; Hopscotch the bunny. Hopscotch comes from Meridian Health and teaches us the importance of exercising to stay healthy.

Our favorite children’s librarian was back to read spring and Easter stories. Retired Ocean County Librarian, Susan Good, made several visits to our school much to the delight of students and teachers alike.

The final months of the school year are upon us and we expect to be very busy. All classrooms will be watching their caterpillars grow and be reborn as butterflies. What a beautiful continuation of the resurrection we discussed at Easter. The warmer weather will push us outside again to enjoy much more of God’s creation in the form of bugs, worms and new plant growth. There is so much to learn even on the playground!

In May we will take a walking field trip to Fusaros to watch the pizzas being made (and of course to make sure that they taste delicious). Our Pre‐K students will honor their Mothers with a special tea party and the parents will honor the teachers with a teacher appreciation luncheon.

In June we will have a school‐wide end of the year picnic and will see our Pre‐K classes graduate. We wish them success in Kindergarten and wherever God leads them in the future. As always I would like to thank those of you who support the preschool with your prayers. It has been a great year!

Lisa Mower, Preschool Director


Lisa Mower,
Director, MMP

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