Actions DO speak louder than words

Submitted by:  Rosemary Molinaro, a personal reflection of my faith

Recently I had such a profound awareness of God’s presence, that I felt I wanted to share it with you.  It amazed me because even though I didn’t ask, God answered.  And even when we think our thoughts are our own, He knows them.

It started on Sunday morning, when I was getting ready for church.  As a typical woman (I guess), I put on a pair of shoes that I knew I shouldn’t have worn.  They hurt the minute I put them on, but I continued to wear them, and why? Well, they matched the dress!  By the time I came home from church, my feet were aching and of course, I blamed the shoes.  Couldn’t have been my poor decision to wear them. And then God put a thought in my head.   It was my cousin Jim.  On Valentine’s Day, which also happens to be his wedding anniversary, Jim had his leg amputated due to complications from his diabetes.  I don’t know how I would react to something so drastic, but you have to know Jim.  He accepted this as a way to save his life – not change it.  Jim has a wonderful outlook and our family knew he would do well.  Just a few short months later, he is now walking on his new leg.  And then there’s me….complaining about shoes that hurt my feet.

In that same week, I had gotten a haircut.  It was a bit short and I was feeling self-conscience about how I looked.  Well, God wasn’t going to let me get away with that one either.  In the parking lot of the Wells Fargo Bank, as I was getting out of my car, right next to me a woman was getting out of her car too.  We reached the door of the bank at the same time.  Me with my short hair…..and her with her exposed bald scalp, an obvious side effect of cancer treatment.  But there she was, another sign from God of how petty I can be.

Now during this same week, I had come down with a migraine.  I have suffered with migraines since I was twelve years old.  I was in my third day of this particular one and feeling exhausted from the pain.  OK, God, hit me with Your best shot.

Well He did!  It was on that day that Pastor Choi sent out an e-mail that Rosie Jones had brain surgery.  Hmmm, migraine versus brain surgery!  So I did what I have done so many times; I offered up my pain for someone whose pain is greater than mine; this time it was for Rosie that her pain may be lifted, if even for a short time.  From one Rose to another, I hope it helped you.

So during one week, God spoke to me three times, without me even asking.  I never heard His voice, but as they say “actions speak louder than words.”  And I heard Him loud and clear!  I thank God for the three Angels he sent me that week – amazing Jim, the beautiful woman at the bank and precious Rosie.  May God continue to hold them in the palm of His hand; and may God continue to talk to me, even when I think He’s not listening!  Amen.



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