Food For Thought – Lay Speaker Reflection

Do you ever go to a baseball game and they run into extra innings? Or you go to a music concert that plays extra songs….and runs overtime? Do you stay to the end? Most people do!

Here at MUMC, at times our Church service may “run over”. I say: “Praise the Lord”! Often it is because of very special “God work” like: Baptisms, Church Membership growing, reports on Conference, UMW, Choir, Blood Drives, etc, etc…..and very importantly, childrens specialness—Sunday School presentations, MYF, VBS, PreSchool, mini-children’s time, etc, etc….All of these events are part of God’s work and may require overtime.

God gave us 7 days a week. Can’t we at least give him a full hour on Sunday? And at times, even overtime? We should do no less.

Perhaps we can “reserve extra time on Sundays for God…and our Church Family, too.

Louise Lovering Jones
Lay Steward and Speaker
God bless us all!


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