Garden Committee and Missions

A crop that did not like the rain and cloudy skies, was the tomatoes. They like it warm and sunny, with us giving them a drink as necessary. The plants are almost gone, with a few small fruits left. Don and Janet pick what they can. The green beans are happy on the trellis Art built and have produced well as you can see in the background.
Another crop that we had to pull was our summer squashes. Too much rain and too little sun weakened the plants until blight and borers took over. We planted a new crop as well as winter squash and God will take care of them.
Soon it will be time to put our garden to rest for the winter. We need to do fence repairs and build a blueberry trellis to keep the birds away from the berries. The plants should produce some good fruit next year.
Thank you to all who give their time. Rich Mueller buys and helps to spread top soil every Spring. Jane Armstrong also came but had had a knee replacement which we all hope is going well. We will need help to continue this project and hope you will watch for our Fall cleanup. It is wonderful working outside.

Thank you,
Art and Lovisa Hill


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