Thoughts to Live By


(Thoughts to live by)
By Kenneth Schorr

How much time did you spend having breakfast today? Five minutes; ten; fifteen; more than that; none at all? It has been shown that breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of all from a physical standpoint. It gives you the energy needed to start your day. Without it, it becomes difficult to function properly, as we should.

Now let me ask you how much time did you spend today reading your Bible, praying and talking with God? A little, a lot or none at all? Too busy? God is there for us (you) so what is really your excuse? Why do we try to justify giving God crumbs, the left over time in our day, if at all?  Time spent reading your Bible, walking and taking with the Lord every day is not only important to your spiritual well being, your relationship with Him, but also your physical and mental health as well.

For some the Bible is just a dust collector, sitting on a table that others may see, yet seldom if ever read. For many the Bible is a collection of stories, a lot of words with little meaning today. Perhaps you may be thinking, “that doesn’t apply to me.” Sorry, just maybe it does! My suggestion — put yourself into what you are reading. As an example look at the Book of Psalms. When you read it, do so as if you are the one seeking God, not David. Do the same with other readings. If you have never read a Bible before, start with the Gospel of John. Take the time to let God speak to you. Take the time to know the love of God through Jesus Christ not just in your mind, but in your heart and life! It is time well spent! No Bible? No breakfast!

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