Thoughts to Live By

(Thoughts to live by)
Kenneth Schorr

Some years ago while still working, I was what may be called bi-vocational; I had two careers at the same time. One was in engineering the other as a licensed Preacher and Lay Pastor with another denomination. Now retired, while I have the time to do what I want and when, there is still a career that is never ending, that needs to be done in some way; every day. Bringing the love of God through Jesus Christ to the community; addressing their hurts and needs with both mercy and grace!

On the Cross, nearing death, Jesus looks to heaven and says, “It is finished.” His mission here on Earth was over. That’s when your job and mine, if we call ourselves Christian began, and will not end until we go home to be with Jesus. There is no retirement from serving the Lord no matter who you are or how old or whatever your past. We all have been given a gift from God; there is something that you can do no matter how small it may seem. Now! It is not about what you did for Him yesterday! What are you going to do for the Lord today and in the tomorrows? And just because we give financially to the church, letting someone else do what we (you) should be doing is not being the Christian we claim to be! Try reading Mt. 25:31-46; there is a lot you can do! A lot that still needs to be done!

When a person retires it is important that goals be established. I do not mean sitting in front of the TV 24/7 or playing golf every day. Without goals, no hope; without hope, no future. Sadly there are those who, without goals, seem to retire from life. This can lead to other problems such as depression or other medical issues, impact even their marriages. They exist, not living; often blaming others for the problems they themselves have created! Still others become so self centered, thinking only of themselves, that they ignore the real world around them; even their spouse and family. That’s not what God intended! God has a plan for them and you (Jer. 29:10! You have a God given gift; use it! What if God were to “retire” from loving and forgiving us; from not wanting to have a relationship with us? There would be no hope, no future; only despair beyond more than we can imagine!

No one knows when their time will come but when it does and we (you) stand before God as we all will, what would you rather hear God say, “What have you done for Me and for the Least of These (no exceptions), or well done good and faithful servant; welcome?” Your choice! The clock is ticking for all no exception!


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