Thoughts to Live By


(Thoughts to live by)
By Kenneth Schorr

Let’s be honest with ourselves; we are drowning in debt individually and as a nation! Individually we use our credit cards with little if any thought as to the problems they create when it comes time to pay. For all too many paying the minimum is the easy way out; so they think. Instead of saving for something, they have to have it now; debt be damned! Only when they realize there is no one to pay the bill except themselves and face losing everything, then perhaps things will change (for some). The reality is we are faced with an economic tsunami!

As for our government leaders, from the White House to Congress, they spend tax payers money on things like pork barrel projects, their own personal travel, buying personal items for themselves and their families, special health and retirement plans and other perks they will not allow the people to have (nor will they cut), defense spending waste, and that is just the tip of the iceberg! We allow this to continue by not speaking out, by not holding them responsible or accountable as they should be! By allowing government to consider cutting things like Social Security and Medicare, and along with more taxation we are, in too many cases, paying for their own self‐serving interest! And shutting down Government is not the answer! Who pays for the debts you incur?

Now lets talk about sin. By ourselves we could never pay such a debt; it’s too large. Being human we sin by thought, word or deed at some time, perhaps daily without even realizing it. It does not matter who you are or what your status, we are all sinners, my self included! Are we all lost; is there no hope? There is! God in His endless love, mercy and grace allowed His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ to take our sins, past, present and future upon Himself on the Cross! He paid our debt! All we need to do is confess our sins, repent and ask Jesus into our hearts and lives.

So much of the problem is because we have drifted away from the Bible and what it tells us about how we are to live, about true marriage, about families, on how to govern, or about what a church is supposed to be! Yet, how often do we try and justify lack of integrity, morals and ethics that are in conflict with Biblical teachings? Still we want to call ourselves “Christian,” individually and as a church? Do we believe the Bible is God’s inspired word or not? Are we making a mockery of the Cross and what it stands for? Are we telling people what they want to hear instead of what they should be hearing? Sin is sin; let us call it for what it is! I cannot answer for your sin, only my own. I can only clean up my own life; not yours. Thanks to Jesus, I know there is still hope for me. What about you? Is God sending you a message?

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